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(Newsletter 1H 2018)
Launched a logistic community platform VSHIP
Tradelink has developed and soft launched a logistic community platform VSHIP to streamline the supply chain process and facilitate the interaction among shippers, freight forwarders and carriers.

Currently, to get freight quotes is no easy task for an ordinary shipper who usually has to rely on the traditional way to contact freight forwarders and carriers one by one. Limited quotes can usually be received through the traditional communication method. Offered prices are not transparent making shipper's cost comparison difficult, let alone the need to wait usually several days to receive the quotes due to the back and forth communication and clarification required with the service providers.

Our community platform connects with over thousands of shippers and reliable service providers including major carriers and freight forwarders. We provide an innovative bid and offer mechanism to facilitate the freight charges comparison efficiently. Streamlined shipment process and digitalized shipment management through the VSHIP platform also improve the operational efficiency and reduce costs for users. With Tradelink's over two decades of experience in serving the trading and logistics community, we are able to address their pain points and bring these benefits to our clients with this game changing model on VSHIP. We are now actively promoting and educating our clients on how to use this platform in order to enhance its usage and penetration.
Maximize the delivery order management system with Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Tradelink developed and deployed our delivery order management system embedded with AI to cater for the complex operation requirements of a renowned food & beverage group in Hong Kong.

To schedule the on-time delivery of temperature controlled food items and various sundry items to over 500 drop points daily to support operations of their outlets all around Hong Kong manually while constrained by the busy city traffic, parking and delivery time window for each outlet is an everyday challenge to our client. Without a clear visibility of the real-time delivery status, the group has difficulty to manage the performance of the 3PL companies responsible for the deliveries.

Our DOMS embedded with AI not only can help them to schedule the most efficient routes based on the requirements and known constraints with refinement using Big Data, but also learn from drivers' actual experience based on practical road conditions. Comparing the deviation of the system scheduled routes with the actual routes used by drivers, our system will learn and apply the logics where appropriate in subsequent scheduling. Upon deployment of our solution, visibility of their deliveries has been improved by 95% and efficiency on route planning by 50% resulting in a cost reduction of 30%.

This case has demonstrated our ability in deploying a sophisticated transportation management system and also provides another a solid track record for our future business.
Offer two-factor biometric authentication cloud-based service for securities firms' clients to login online trading account
Riding on our proven track records in providing two factor authentication solution to the banking industry, Tradelink successfully extends the application of the solution to securities firms. Upon the issuance of the guidelines from the Securities and Futures Commission requiring licensed or registered entities engaged in online trading to implement two-factor authentication for clients to login their online trading accounts starting April 2018, we seized the opportunity to offer such authentication solution to securities firms.

To alleviate the concerns about the need for heavy investment on an on-premises authentication system, we have developed a cloud based two factor biometric authentication solution which we offer as a service for subscription by security firms. Subscribing to our service, security firms outsource the authentication procedure to Tradelink.to verify identity of their end users using fingerprint before access to their online services. With users signed up for this service, we are generating stable recurrent service income.
Support financial regulator with our biometric and eKYC (Know-Your-Customer) authentication solutions
Besides commercial applications for banking industry, our authentication solution is adopted for use by one of the financial regulators in Hong Kong. Upon conclusion of a rigorous tendering process, Tradelink was successfully awarded the tender by the regulator to provide our biometric and eKYC authentication solution to identify their members’ identities for e-documents submission to their online platform. Using our solution, members can register their identities online using their fingerprints for e-document submission. The solution can substantially simplify a lot of their current manual administration work and provide a more convenient and efficient way for members to submit e-documents to the regulator. The solution will be fully implemented by the end of 2018.
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