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(Newsletter 2H 2018)
Successfully deployed a physical asset management solution for a new integrated entertainment resort
Tradelink was pleased to be appointed by a well-known gaming and lodging corporate as its technology solution provider in implementing an asset management solution for stock taking and managing all physical assets in their new integrated entertainment resort. Leveraging our domain knowledge in Internet of Thing, Tradelink successfully developed and deployed our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) empowered asset management solution that facilitates our client to perform stock taking of physical assets efficiently and effectively in compliance with the local government's regulations.

To conduct comprehensive stock taking of each and every asset item, totally more than a million of them, regularly and on ad hoc basis, in order to fulfill the regulatory requirements is a tedious and laborious task for our client. Tremendous manpower resources and hence costs are required in order to up keep such precise stock information. Using durable RFID tags supported by different counting bases, our solution enables their staff members identify, track and locate each RFID tagged item in a few seconds. With our strong domain and IT knowledge coupled with the professional support from our client, we are able to design, deploy the solution that integrates with their enterprise resource planning system within six months. Our successfully tested solution is ready for production use for the opening of the new entertainment resort later the year. Benefited from the satisfactory results which we could demonstrate to our client, we are exploring further potential cooperation opportunities with them.
Won the tender to provide an advanced automated warehouse solution to a leading retail chain in Hong Kong
Through a highly competitive tendering process, Tradelink was pleased to win the tender to provide an advanced warehouse solution with automated material handling equipment to support high traffic throughput requirement for the daily operation of over hundreds of outlets of a leading retail chain in Hong Kong. The project aims at improving the warehouse operation efficiency and addressing various warehouse labour issues. Upon implementation of the solution, significant manual work and resources would be reduced.

Playing a vital role in the overall project, our sophisticated warehouse solution serves as the brain to plan, guide and control the manual operations as well as different automated material handling equipment operating in the warehouse floor to deliver the required high service level requirement of our client. Given our sound domain knowledge and proven experience in delivering sophisticated warehouse management system particularly catered for the fast-paced and highly-packed warehouse operating environment in Hong Kong and coupled with our strong company background, our proposal clearly stands out from our competitors in the market. Working in conjunction with our material handling equipment partners whom we have carefully chosen, we are excited in taking up the opportunity and the challenge to implement an advanced automated warehouse solution for our client. This case is definitely a key milestone for Tradelink to show our ability in providing advanced supply chain solution for modern warehouse operations supported by automated material handling equipment and internet of thing (AIoT).
Deployed eKnow-Your-Customer (eKYC) solutions supporting an international bank for mobile account opening of their clients
To comply with the stringent requirements for anti-money laundry and counter terrorists financing, a bank has to go through a rigorous and comprehensive process for background checking of its client before granting approval to the client for account opening. Adopted by an international bank to meet such rigorous regulation requirements, our solution can help our bank client to conduct a complete KYC check of their customers, from capturing and confirming an applicant's identity with identity document verification to facial recognition, all being carried out on mobile device of the applicant for account opening. Upon implementation of our solution, our bank client became the first bank in Hong Kong to support remote identification verification for mobile account opening.

Unlike other solutions currently in the market which require subsequent in-person verification at a bank branch, our solution provides a breakthrough in the KYC process enabling the bank customers to enjoy a frictionless and secure user journey which takes only 8 minutes for account opening anytime and anywhere. Not only a much better user experience offered to their customers, our bank client can also achieve cost saving. With our proven capability in offering solution for conducting a complete KYC process for virtual banks, we expect more opportunities and potential brought up for our future development of our identity management business.
Expanding our digital signing and multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions from financial sectors to other industries
Benefited from the growing demand for online transactions and paperless solutions, our secure digital multi-factor authentication (MFA) solutions expand its penetration from financial sector to healthcare and entertainment industries.

Supporting their daily operation, a renowned private hospital implemented our solution embedded with digital certificate technology for electronic remote signing on medical records in compliance with their stringent and complicated cosigning requirements. Our digital signing solution facilitates the hospital to complete the paperless procedure of e-Medical Record Management and also ensures the correctness and confirmation of medical records without any alterations.

At the same time, we also enable customers of a non-profit making organization with one of the core businesses in entertainment to use fingerprint as an alternative means to access the organization's online services. Our sophisticated solution not only provides a secure and efficient way for user to authorize high risk transactions, but also can comfortably meet the high service level of supporting over 2,000 simultaneous transactions per minute.
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