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(Newsletter 1H 2019)
To deploy 4-way shuttle racking system as part of the advanced warehouse solution for a leading retail chain in Hong Kong
With respect to the mega warehouse project signed with a leading retail chain in Hong Kong involving the provision of an advanced warehouse solution featuring automated guided Vehicles ("AGVs"), Tradelink is delighted to confirm a new order from that client for a 4-way shuttle racking system as an integral and important component of the project.

Not only can the 4-way shuttle racking system improve utilisation of warehouse space by providing high-density storage, it can also enhance the efficiency of the storage and retrieval of goods through pallet shuttles moving automatically within the racking system. While the hardware will be provided by our technology partner, Tradelink will provide the software license for system integration and act as the project manager overseeing the implementation of the overall system.

This mega warehouse project, highlighted by the integration of AGVs and the 4-way shuttle racking system, is scheduled to be completed before the end of 2019. The project marks an important milestone for our intelligent supply chain solutions business in providing an advanced warehouse solution built incorporating state-of-the-art technologies.
To deliver electronic Know-Your-Customer (eKYC) solution to virtual bank and insurance company for digital onboarding
As one of the most popular products of Tradelink's fast-growing identity management business, our eKYC solution has gained the support of a virtual bank and an insurance company as our first customers in these two business segments using our eKYC solution for digital customer onboarding.

To keep pace with the latest technologies and market development, our solution enables our clients to conduct a comprehensive background check on their customers for account opening covering the whole process, from identity document verification to facial recognition, all being carried out on the applicant's own mobile device anytime, anywhere. Through successful research and development, our solution also supports the new Hong Kong smart identity card, embedding more advanced and sophisticated security features.

Our solution not only provides a more convenient and secure user experience for customer onboarding, but also helps our clients cut administrative expenses. Our client portfolio has expanded from traditional banks and stock brokers to include virtual banks and insurance companies. Coupled with the latest guidelines on two factor authentication requirements for remote onboarding issued by regulators, we expect more opportunities from a growing demand from wider target customer segments including licensees of Stored Value Facilities.
Provides all-in-one payment collection solution to two major banks
With the growing popularity of electronic and mobile payment, Tradelink is pleased that a major local bank and a bank whose parent company is one of the largest banking institutions in China have confirmed to adopt our Smart Point-of-Sales (PoS) as their all-in-one payment collection solution used by their merchants to collect payment.

Using our solution, the banks' merchants can accept a wide range of contact/contactless and e-wallet payments options through a single integrated Smart PoS terminal. We have so far deployed over 2,000 smart PoS terminals to merchants across different retail sectors such as food and beverage, fashion and telecommunications, enabling them to simplify the payment collection process and accept electronic payment in a more convenient and secure way. In addition to providing a seamless integration of various payment options, we aim at developing more value-added services to address different business needs in order to open up more market opportunities.
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