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(Newsletter 2H 2017)
Granted new Government Electronic Trading Services (GETS) licence by Hong Kong Government & awarded the contract for operating call centre services for HK Customs' Road Cargo System
Tradelink is pleased to announce that the Hong Kong Government has awarded a new licence for us to provide GETS for six years from 2019 to 2024, with three years possible extension at the Government's option. As announced by the Government, all three existing GETS service providers have been awarded the new GETS contracts. Given the same three players to continue in the GETS market post-2018, we expect the GETS competitive landscape to be healthy and stable in the medium to long term. With our reliable and top-notch services supported by our customers for over two decades, we are confident to continue our dominant position in GETS market.

At the same time, Tradelink is pleased to be awarded a 3-year contract for the third time for operating Call Centre Services for HK Customs' Road Cargo System commencing 2018 and extendable up to one year at the Government’s discretion.
Provide mobile fingerprint authentication solution to one of the key local banks
Tradelink was appointed by a key local bank to provide a fingerprint authentication solution for their personal internet banking customers. Our solution allows the use of a smartphone as a token to authenticate the identity of a personal banking customer using fingerprints for logins and transaction authorization. Using our solution, customers can enjoy the convenience and better user experience in using their smartphone as the security token for login and transactions. To the bank, they can provide a cost-effective security solution for their customers with better protection against fraudulent online banking activities without the heavy administrative and distribution costs for managing hardware tokens.
Cooperated with worldwide logistics service provider to deliver an order fulfillment solution
Satisfied with our quality services, one of our existing customers, a key logistics service provider with headquarter in Hong Kong and global network across six continents, has extended our partnership in working together with us to deliver an order fulfillment system supporting online business of their apparel clients.

Riding on the e-commerce trend, retail apparel clients of this logistics service provider have developed and extended their online sales channels from their own online shops to various e-Marketplace platforms. To support online business operations of these clients on different online platforms, we are working with our customer to develop an order fulfillment system that integrates with the warehouse management system. The integrated solution will help our logistics service provider customer to manage orders received at different online sales channels; and ensure goods replenishment and order fulfillments are accomplished in a timely and accurate manner for their retail clients. With our data analysis tools included in the solution, the retailers can conduct detailed analysis of their end customers’ transactions on different platforms for better understanding of their end clients buying behavior and based on which the retailers can devise their online sales strategy accordingly on different e-commerce platforms.
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